Cronulla Sharks vs North Queensland Cowboys updates; Melbourne Storm vs Canberra Raiders result

The Sharks are denied a try in the 63rd minute as Jesse Ramien is pinged for obstruction.

Connor Tracey crosses on the right wing but the Bunker overrules the on-field decision of ‘try’ after deeming Ramien impeded Valentine Holmes.

Paul Vautin is baffled.

“Mate, I don’t know if there was even contact,” he says on Nine’s coverage.

“That’s a stitch-up. That’s a try every day of the week.”

Cameron Smith disagrees.

“As the rule book goes, Jesse Ramien runs to the outside shoulder of Valentine Holmes there,” Smith says.

“It’s the slightest of touches, but it’s been an obstruction all year.”

Cowboys legend Johnathan Thurston has sympathy for the Sharks.

“I think the Sharkies were really hard done by there,” Thurston says.

“Yes, he runs to the outside shoulder, but I think Valentine Holmes needs an academy award for that.”

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